Kids & Margaliti (

April 6, 2010

Congrats, kids of Georgia! You have a new unabridged comprehensive English-Georgian & Georgia-English dictionary online - . You will finally relax and never be the victim of the lexicographical nonsense, which the Internet is infested with. Guess what its name is! MARGALITI, which is Georgian for pearl! And to let the cat out of the bag, it is the root of the last name of Professor Tinatin Margalitadze the well-known Georgian linguist - the author, sponsor, and publisher of this great intellectual product. More precisely, she is the mother of the new dictionary meant for us the children of this country and of course for the entire nation. Thank you aunt Tiniko! We know exactly what you have done for us. We promise you to learn much better English, and soon, to know it very well. We want to be as efficient in English as you are. Aren't you telling your little granddaughter Salome the same thing? Kids, you are so lucky, because you can visit which is a so called live dictionary online. It is being refreshed and renewed all the time. It's the biggest and the fullest English-Georgian lexicon ever. So please don't waste your time finding the unknown English words in the books or even in those funny internet dictionaries. Go ahead and use this one! It is a real pearl for our generation who needs the English word definitions all the time.