The English Georgian Dictionary includes ample amount of scientific and technical, as well as economic and artistic terms, and terms from various other fields. 

Aeronautics, agriculture, anatomy, anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art, astronomy, banking, biology, biochemistry, botany, computing, geography, geology, economics, electrical engineering, folklore, heraldry, informatics, law, mathematics, medicine, metallurgy, mineralogy, music, painting, philosophy, psychology, radio, television, theatre ...(see the table of abbreviation in the Preface to the fascicle 1) – this is the incomplete list of the subjects which are represented by considerable amounts of terms in our Dictionary. 

With the purpose of working on specialist terms, there is established the Terminological Committee, whose editors subject each particular term to meticulous analysis, basing on the Oxford English Dictionary, Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, as well as different Internet sources.

As for exact Georgian matches for English terms, these are identified by means of relevant specialist dictionaries and encycolpaedic sources (see the list of lexicographic sources).

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